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First Day of School!
  First Day of School!

Open Enrollment/ Re-Enrollment!

House Municipal Schools open enrollment/re-enrollment will be July 22 - July 23. Open enrollment/re-enrollment for TLC will be July 24- July 25 Enrollment will be held in the Autitorium 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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"Where everybody is someone special."



House Municipal Schools proudly provides all our students (PreK-12th) with staff members who are eager to teach and mold young minds of the future. We offer some amazing electives for our students  including  archery, basic foods, driver's education and Agricultural Education.  Some of the activities we offer for secondary students to participate in include FFA, BPA and Journalism.   We are also happy to co-op with Fort Sumner Schools in order to provide sports programs including basketball, football, and volleyball; transportation to and from practices as well as games is provided.  Students can also compete in track as a House athlete. 

House Municipal Schools also offers students an alternative in earning their high school diploma. The Learning Center (TLC) opened its doors over 25 years ago to students looking for a way to graduate when the conventional classroom was not an option. Still today, The Learning Center is strong and continuing to offer a different approach to graduating from high school. To date, The Learning Center services students from all over the region and offers up-to-date curriculum that meets the needs of students at their individual levels. While TLC functions primarily under a ‘packet based’ style, The Learning Center also offers online classes and distance learning opportunities. TLC teachers are available to help students one-on-one in answering their questions and addressing concerns and invite new students year around. Call today for more information; we welcome all communication.